David and Susie

David is a British Canoeing qualified Sea Kayak Leader and Sea Kayak coach and Susie has many years experience Sea kayaking around the South Devon Coastline and river estuaries. David and Susie love nothing better than helping people discover the fabulous coastline, river estuaries and natural world here in their South Devon back yard.

Over the last 10 years David and Susie have enjoyed many Sea kayaking paddling adventures in South West England, Scotland, the Outer Hebrides and Anglesey as well as further a field in Greece, Croatia and Nova Scotia. They are often found during the winter months paddling in the warm waters of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote.

Susie is a textile artist with a weaving workshop set in a 15th century Farm House orchard. Susie and David grow flax from seed in their orchard which they harvest and process for Susie to hand spin into linen. They then colour the hanks of linen using natural dyes and Susie weaves them into her contemporary woven linen artwork and cushions.

Occasionally, Susie and David put on flax processing, spinning and weaving course where students learn how to process and spin flax to make a small hank of linen then weave a cushion cover or artwork.