Responsible Travel Policy

Policy and Procedures

  1. Below is the responsible travel policy of Sea Kayaking Holidays.
  2. This policy will be provided to all guests, staff and sub contractors.

Our Responsible Travel Policy outlines our commitment to preserving the local environment, supporting our local community and protecting wildlife.

Environmental policy

Our home is our office and work place. Combining all three allows us to minimise the negative impacts our operations may have on the environment.

We control our waste management by avoiding where possible single use plastic, reusing water bottles and having clearly marked recycling bins. We aim to follow ‘avoid, reuse, reduce, recycle’ principles.

We provide travellers with reusable water bottles and encourage them to use the local tap water.

We provide travellers with a “Leave no trace document” which contains suggestions on how to minimise damage to the environment, wild life and marine ecosystems we visit. We discuss these issues prior to our first trip.

We provide travellers with a brief guide to the local area which highlights local projects which have environmental benefits.

Sea Kayaking allows you to move silently through nature experiencing wildlife close up and undisturbed. We only take out a maximum of 6 guests on our Sea kayaking trips to minimise the impact we have on the beaches, covers and side estuaries we visit.

We aim to contribute to the preservation of the natural environments we visit by viewing nature in its natural habitat without disturbing, displacing or damaging it and even more importantly our aim is to leave the beaches, coves and other marine environments we visit in a better condition than when we arrived. We do this by encouraging our visitors to collect and taking away at least one piece (or more) of plastic pollution every time we land.

Social policy

We work to maximise the benefits generated by tourism for our local economy. We do this by:

Only employing local, experienced guides.

Guests stay with David and Susie in their Farm house and Barn house set in a 15th Century Orchard which they share with their extended family.

We encourage our guests to ask permission before photographing.

We forbid the use of illegal drugs on our trips.

Economic Policy

We Provide travellers with information about local markets, traditional artisans, local taxi services and restaurants and shops with locally sourced produce.

From seed to cloth, David and Susie grow flax in their orchard which they harvest and process for Susie to spin into linen before weaving it into her artwork and cushions. David and Susie are more than happy to show guests the process.

Procedure for responding to traveller’s suggestions and complaints concerning responsible travel practices:

As owner operators, travellers have access to David and Susie throughout their stay to express suggestions or complaints concerning their responsible travel practices. If these suggestions /complaints can be dealt with on the spot they will be, if not David and Susie will review and reply to them as soon as practically possible. A suggestion form is provided to all travellers to encourage their input as to how we can improve our responsible travel practices.